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CAPF Argument Writing Topics: – Argument writing is very important as well as different in the CAPF AC exam, there are two questions each of 10 marks i.e., 20 marks are asked in the second paper of the exam. In this year 2023, the conducting body UPSC is going to conduct the exam with the same exam pattern as previous.

What is an argument?

Argument refers to the justifications you offer to back up your opinions on a certain subject and is based on your familiarity with, comprehension of, and convictions on that subject. An argument typically takes the form of justifications, facts, logic, proofs, evidence, information, etc.

What kind of CAPF arguments are asked in the exam?

The conducting body UPSC wants, requires candidates to be informed about current events and conditions. It also wants to know the candidates’ opinions and thought processes. Because of this, the CAPF AC exam’s argument questions typically have a current-events theme. Students should therefore maintain learning in order to provide persuasive arguments on the final test.

What is the structure of the CAPF argument Writing?

Argument/ counter-argument should be explained properly.
Use authentic facts/ data/opinions/concepts.
Adopt a balanced approach while writing arguments and counter-argument.

In argument writing, students will have to write 4 to 5 points on both FAVORS as well as AGAINST sides in the structure as drawn below:-

A good argument follows these criteria:

  1. Crisp and clear argument without confusion or ambiguity
  2. Good structure (point-wise)
  3. Good presentation
  4. Sufficient facts/information/data.
  5. Fulfilling the complete demand of the question.

Arguments in support or favor of the statement:
(Minimum 4 to 5 points with explanation)

Arguments against the statement:
(Minimum 4 to 5 points with explanation)

Best Source For CAPF Argument Writing

  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Rajya Sabha TV/ Lok Sabha/ Sansad TV (TV debates Show)
  • The candidate should make a list of current affairs topics.
  • Start making short notes (points in favor/against) for each topic.

How much time should be devoted to CAPF argument writing?

Because Paper 2 of the UPSC CAPF AC test is a descriptive type of paper, effective time management is extremely crucial. Therefore, a student should allocate time for each question in paper 02 if they wish to write it well.
Our research has led us to the conclusion that an argument writing question should only be given a maximum of 30 minutes (15 minutes for each topic), and if a student is taking longer, they need to focus on that particular section.

Characteristics of Good Arguments























Sentence Construction



























Adequate no of Arguments





Clarity of Arguments





Use of Examples / Case Studies





Idea Generation





Moral/Values/Ethical/Rights/issues/ Constitutional/Social Study





Moral/Values/Ethical/Rights/issues/ Constitutional/Social Study










CAPF Argument Writing Topics

Check out the topics given below for practicing CAPF Argument writing

  • Topic 01: surgical strikes: Its Optimum Reply to Pakistan state-sponsored terrorism
  • Topic 02: India needs a fully digital economy
  • Topic 03: Note-ban, an effective tool against black money.
  • Topic 04: Privacy is an elitist idea.
  • Topic 05: Power flows from the barrel of the gun.
  • Topic 06: The youth in India are getting addicted to Android mobiles.
  • Topic 07: The trend of nuclear families will make old age homes in India increase in number
  • Topic 08: India needs to focus on imparting quality education instead of merely increasing its Gross Enrolment Ratio
  • Topic 09: Democracy slows down the pace of development.
  • Topic 10: Large population of India is more of a bane than a boon.
  • Topic 11: Pre-poll alliances are better than post-poll partnerships
  • Topic 12: Development and creation of jobs must take priority over social development
  • Topic 13: Women empowerment in India so far is an urban phenomenon
  • Topic 14: A casteless society becomes distant through issues raised by reservation policies.
  • Topic 15: National Institution Ranking Framework (NIRF) shall improve the quality of education in India
  • Topic 16: India needs to generate more jobs than just giving freebies through social welfare programs
  • Topic 17: Indian elections are a circus of people than a triumph of democracy
  • Topic 18: Afforestation should be the priority over than utilization of Unused land for domestic purposes
  • Topic 19: India should review the legal age to have a right to vote
  • Topic 20: Internet access should be limited to Students
  • Topic 21: Solar Energy
  • Topic 22: One Nation One Ration
  • Topic 23: Uniform Civil Code
  • Topic 24: Is the UN still relevant?
  • Topic 25: Is prostitution legal in India?
  • Topic 26: Video games are promoting violence.
  • Topic 27: Do drug addicts need punishment?
  • Topic 28: Electric Vehicle Future
  • Topic 29: Vaccination is Mandatory
  • Topic 30: Pros and cons of Pandemics
  • Topic 31: Regionalism is a threat to national integration
  • Topic 32: Social media
  • Topic 33: Privatization
  • Topic 34: Artificial intelligence
  • Topic 35: Online Education
  • Topic 36: Digital economy
  • Topic 37: 5 Years to GST
  • Topic 38: Loan waiver
  • Topic 39: Raising the legal age for marriages
  • Topic 40: Computers may replace books
  • Topic 41: Is India ready for 5G?
  • Topic 42: The gig economy in India
  • Topic 43: Green economy
  • Topic 44: Agniveer
  • Topic 45: Is war the only Solution?
  • Topic 46: Drone Technology
  • Topic 47: A Castless Society becomes distant through issues raised by Reservation Policies.
  • Topic 48: Women’s Empowerment in India so far is an urban Phenomenon
  • Topic 49: Development and creation of jobs must take priority over social development.
  • Topic 50: Pre-poll alliances are better than post-poll Partnerships
  • Topic 51: India’s large population is more of a bane than a boon.
  • Topic 52: Democracy slows down the Pace of Development
  • Topic 53: India needs to focus on imparting quality education instead of merely increasing its gross enrolment ratio.
  • Topic 54: The trend of Nuclear Families will make old age Homes in India increase in Number.
  • Topic 55: Youth in India are getting addicted to Android Mobiles
  • Topic 56: Privacy is an elitist idea
  • Topic 57: NOTE-BAN, an effective tool against Black Money
  • Topic 58: Digital Technologies may replace books with computers
  • Topic 59: Homework should be banned at the primary level of Education
  • Topic 60: Solitude of a Pandemic is not Unwelcome
  • Topic 61: Political Awareness among the social elite is inconsequential
  • Topic 62: Elections in States should be held simultaneously
  • Topic 63: Farmer Protests are Politically Motivated
  • Topic 64: Should AFSPA be abolished or not?


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