Sant Kabir

Sant Kabir

Sant Kabir was one of Ramananda’s students and one of the most influential mystic saints. He believed that the Teacher, or ‘Guru,’ was the embodiment of God and had been given the highest position. Sant Kabir worked tirelessly throughout his life to build a bridge between Hindus and Muslims, as well as to develop brotherhood amongst them.

Born: 1398, Varanasi
Died: Maghar

Contribution of Kabir

  1. His Objective was to reconcile Hindus and Muslims and establish harmony between the two sects. To him, Rama and Allah, temple and mosque were the same. He emphasized the essential oneness of all religions.
  2. He preached Monotheism, that is, belief in one God. Kabir believed in a formless Supreme God: Nirgun Brahman (God without attributes), Sant Kabir did not believe in extreme asceticism and abstractions from the world.
  3. He opposed idolatry and rituals, the worship of stone images and was against rituals and ceremonies in religion.
  4. Sant Kabir was a great opponent of the caste system. He laid great emphasis on the equality of man before God.
  5. Kabir’s poetry is very famous in popular culture as ‘Dohas’
  6. Some of these were later collected and preserved in the Guru Granth Sahib, Panch Vani, and Bijak.
  7. Some of his famous writings include ‘Sakhi Granth,’ ‘Anurag Sagar’, ‘Bijak’, and ‘Kabir Granthawali.’

Current Relevance of Kabir Thoughts

The world is slowed down by its overwhelming materialism. Deep-seated global economic inequities are causing smouldering resentment around the planet. As a result, Kabir’s compassionate ethical ideas are relevant.
Corruption is a pervasive problem in India, eroding the country’s vitals from the inside out. Kabir’s emphasis on honest living, if taken in the proper spirit, can help to shift one’s outlook.
In the Indian societal environment, communalism is a hidden evil. Many of the crimes that occur in the name of religion (lynching, honour killings, infanticide, and so on) can be abolished from society if Kabir’s universalism doctrine is followed.


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