Aahaar Kranti Mission

The Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare Dr Harsh Vardhan recently launched “Mission Aahaar Kranti”. The initiative ‘Aahaar Kranti‘ will focus on addressing the problem of hunger and diseases in abundance across India and the world. The initiative will shine a light on the richness and value of India’s traditional diet, the miracles of local fruits and vegetables, and the healing powers of a balanced diet.

About Aahaar Kranti Mission

  • The mission aims to spread the message of the importance of nutritionally balanced diet. It will also promote the importance of accessibility to local fruits and vegetables.
  • The Mission is designed to address the major problem faced by India and the world, which is, “Hunger and Diseases in Abundance”.
  • Studies estimate that India produces as much as two times the amount of calories that it consumes. However, many in the country are still malnourished.
  • The mission will address the current situation of hunger in abundance. It will work to arouse the people to the values of India’s traditional diet, local fruits and vegetables, and a balanced diet.
  • The mission is also co-launched by the Vijnana Bharti and Global Scientists and Technocrats Forum.
  • The motto of the mission is “Good Diet-Good Cognition”.

Key Features of the Mission

  • Components: The mission will work on multiple dimensions simultaneously. It will seek to promote:
    • Better awareness
    • Better nutrition and
    • Also, better agriculture
  • These messages will be imparted through the curriculum in the form of `what’s and `why’s of nutrition, or through the forms of games.
  • The content will be available both online and offline and in all vernacular languages besides English and Hindi.
  • The mission will train the teachers. The teachers in turn will pass on the message to students. Through the students the mission aims to pass on the message to the families and societies at large.
  • The mission will also utilize India’s rich knowledge of Ayurveda-based nutrition to practice.

Malnutrition in India

  • According to UNICEF India is at the tenth spot among countries with highest number of underweight children and at the seventeenth spot among countries with highest number of stunted children.
  • Malnutrition is the major contributing factor to one-third child deaths in the country.
  • According to the National Family Health Survey, the percentage of stunted and wasted children in 2015-16 was 38.4% and 21% resprectively.
  • More than half of Indian children are anaemic, 23% of women and 20% of men are malnourished.

Further, the United Nations also declared 2021 as the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables. Hence, the Aahaar Kranti Mission is apt right now and a step towards achieving a healthy India.


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